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This page includes PODCSTS, VIDEOS, DISCUSSIONS, and SONGS that relate to your faith, religion and spirituality. Some are to help you learn or to help you think but some are just for entertainment and interest. 

(We do not own the rights to the content shared here but it is all publicly available online - this is simply a place for us to share this content with you).

PETE GREIG - The Prayer Course

This video shows the first session of the Prayer Course with Pete Greig and Poppy Williams. This course was covered in fellowship but might be interesting food for thought for any Christian learning how to pray. Similar content can be found on the 24-7 Prayer YouTube Channel.


This YouTube Channel covers sections of the Bible in an interesting and accessible way, allowing adults and young people alike to access interesting overviews and discussions of Bible chapters, stories, and themes. 

Below is their coverage of the Holy Spirit but feel free to access their YouTube channel for more content.  



Popcorn Theology is a podcast that discusses movies and TV and how they can interact with religion and theology - linking the real world to Church. There is a new episode posted here each week and if you want to listen to more, the podcast is available online, on Spotify, or on iTunes. 

Click on the image below to listen to Popcorn Theology's discussion of the award winning Situation Comedy, The Good Place, which covers concepts of the afterlife, ethical living, and philosophy. There are spoilers involved in this episode but Popcorn Theology has produced over 225 episodes so you should be able to find something you like!

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Tony Jack talks to an audience in Cleveland, Ohio about how science can be used to defend spirituality and religious belief.