Ruxley Church

The Church on the Lane

Introduction to Rev.  Fiona Ellingham

photo of Rev Fiona and family

  Fiona with husband Robin and
  daughter Abbie

I am so delighted and thankful to be joining you all at Ruxley Church and to be leading in partnership with Emma and in collaboration with you all. 

On prayerful reading of the parish profile and meeting with Emma and your parish reps, I hoped very much that this would be the place that God would call me to - and I am over the moon that it is!

My prayers are with you until I join you on January 20th, 2021 when I am very much looking forward to:

·       Worshipping with you, 

·       Working in partnership and collaboration together; 

·       Developing our spiritual lives as individuals and a church

·       Growing in sharing the love of Jesus with one another and the local community 

Please do give me a shout on anything, if you need to chat about anything.


Kindest regards